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Use Ongig's API to get insight to the effectiveness of your job descriptions.

What You Get

  • Total Score: 0 to 100 score on how effective your jobs are based on title, readability, inclusion and numerous other factors.
  • Gender Score: 0 to 100 score on how inclusive your jobs are to all candidates.
  • Gender Bias Label: Each job is given a label of "Gender-Neutral", "Feminine" or "Masculine".
  • Additional: We can send you more scores and data based on your needs.

What We Need From You

  • You send Ongig a job title, description, and unique identifier.
  • Our team needs to know the volume of API inquiries (individual job scoring) that anticipate in a daily or monthly time frame.

What Are Next Steps?

  • Talk to our team about your volume needs and we’ll give you a custom pricing quote
  • Sign a commitment
  • Ongig provides technical documentation to your development team on how to access our API
  • You set up a small test to ensure that the API works in your environment and you understand results
  • You can proceed to call the API as much as you want per your agreement with us
  • Click the button below for a custom quote. A pricing discount is available based on job application data you share back with Ongig.