Streamlining your recruitment process with precision and inclusivity.

Creating New Job Ads

Starting a job post? Just type in a role, like "Web Developer," and pick a template. Hit 'Generate Now', and our AI creates a draft. It’s quick, easy, and editable to suit your unique roles, departments, or locations.

Large-Scale Reformatting

Dealing with lots of job descriptions? Our tool streamlines them all, ensuring they match your company’s style and standards. It’s about creating a cohesive, compliant job description library that’s uniquely yours.

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Optimizing Existing Drafts

Refine your drafts with Text Analyzer. It suggests plain language and cuts down bias. Simple is better – we aim for an 8th-grade reading level. Plus, you can swap any exclusionary words for inclusive alternatives.

Exporting and Integration

Happy with your job post? Export it in your preferred format or integrate it directly with your ATS (1-way or 2-way), especially helpful if you have 100s or 1000s of JDs. It’s about making your custom workflow smoother.

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Streamlined Writing Workflow

Challenge Faced: A client struggled with handling large volumes of job descriptions.

Our Solution: We automated their entire job posting process using Text Analyzer. This system now efficiently manages all job descriptions, even for over 100,000 monthly postings.

The Result: This job posting automation has eliminated the need for recruiter oversight, streamlining their hiring process and significantly saving time. 

Job Posting Revamp

Problem to Solve: Our client needed to update over 5,000 job descriptions for consistency, compliance, and inclusivity.

Our Solution: We automated the review process. Our software efficiently scanned each description, aligning them with industry standards and the company's values.

The Impact: This approach not only streamlined the job description process but also improved the quality of applicants and accelerated the hiring cycle. Our client experienced a notable increase in diversity among candidates and positive employer brand recognition.

Large-Scale Templates

Challenged Faced: Our client needed to standardize over 1,600 job postings, with approved templates and formatting.

Our Solution: We implemented a custom automated workflow with Ongig’s system, using a 2-way ATS integration for seamless operations.

The Result: This led to efficiently formatted and consistent job postings, streamlining the entire process.

Automated Bias Suggestions

Problem to Solve: A client faced low application rates from women in engineering and finance, roles traditionally dominated by males.

Our Solution: We deployed our automated bias-checker to eliminate masculine bias from their job postings.

The Result: This led to a remarkable 22% increase in female applicants for these critical roles.